Shelter Management

Leadership Board
Executive Committee – Board of Directors
Shelter Executive DirectorJean McClymonds
Shelter Operations Director – Doryene Rapini
Shelter Operations Administrator – Jackie Rogers

Executive Committee – Board of Directors
Mike Strange, Board President
Currently Open, Vice President
Claudia Heath, Secretary/Treasurer
Jean McClymonds, Executive Director

Audit/Endowment Committee
Mag Bergstrom, Board Member
Mike Strange, Board President

Board of Directors
Mag Bergstrom, Board Member
Marrish “Ash” Blackmore, Animal Control Representative (Appointed)
Paula McLinden, Board Member
Barbara Miller, DVM (Appointed)
Annette Tessaro, Board Member
Paulette Ulrey, Board Member

Shelter Caregivers
Frank Barrett – Cattery/Kennel Caretaker
Rebecca Harris, Cattery Caretaker
William “Billy” Hughes – Kennel Caretaker
Amanda Kelly – Cattery/Kennel Caretaker
Kalyn Parkhurst – Cattery Caretaker/Facility Custodian
Tommy Rogers – Crematory Associate/Maintenance
Richard “Rick” Ross – Kennel Caretaker
Megan Scoullar – Cattery Caretaker/Marketing Administrator

Crematory Operations
Jackie Rogers – Crematory Operator/Operations Administrator

Social Media
Doryene Rapini – Facebook Administrator

Jean McClymonds – Website Administrator