Happy Pawlidays Giving Grid Fundraiser


You can help make the holiday magic happen though our Happy Pawlidays GivingGrid fundraiser.

‘Tis the season of giving and we thought we’d also have a little fun in fundraising by doing a fundraiser through GivingGrid where 100% of the donations will benefit our four-legged friends!  GivingGrid is the next generation of fundraising websites to visually bring together a community of good-hearted individuals and families motivated to support an important cause – The Humane Society of Tuolumne County (HSOTC). Plus, it has the unique feature that along with your donation you can post a photo of your favorite four-legged friend that will upload onto our fundraising grid when  you complete your donation.  In turn, together we will build a visual GivingGrid collage that portrays the pictures of our four-legged supporters which we plan to incorporate into a calendar for 2019!  How cool is that!

Our grid is comprised of 121 “paw print” squares and our goal is to raise $6500 through our supporter and community-at-large donations.  Giving Grid accepts donations in any dollar amount with the hopes that we fill the grid in completely and reach our goal.  So whether it’s $1.00…$100.00…or something in-between, 100% of the proceeds go toward helping better the lives of our shelter residents as they await their new forever homes.  And, this fundraising campaign will run from now until January 31, 2018.

Here’s how it works…

  1.  Go to www.givinggrid.com/hsotc (or click the button below).
  2.  Select any open “paw print” square on the grid and the pop-up will appear with instructions.
  3.  Enter your donation amount.
  4.  Enter a donor’s name.
  5.  Upload your four-legged friend’s photo.
  6.  Enter in your billing information, credit/debit card information, and options for payment (WePay or PayPal).
  7.  Click on donate and your donation and photo square will be recorded.

It’s just that simple and a lot of fun!  You’ve helped our shelter animals with your donation while adding YOUR special four-legged’s photo to our fundraising grid.

Thank you for your generosity and Happy Pawlidays To All!

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