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Adoption Process

Altered dogs are adopted for $100, and $140 to adopt an altered dog under 30 pounds. Unaltered puppies are $100.00 plus the state required voucher for alteration of $40, or a total of $140.  Altered cats are $55. Unaltered kittens are $30 plus the state required voucher for alteration of $40, totaling $70.

GOOD NEWS: HSOTC found homes for almost 600 companion animals during the 2010 fiscal year!

Prospective owners MUST realize the serious commitment of adopting a dog or cat. The commitment lasts for the life-time of the animal. We adopt out companion animals only.

To ensure successful adoptions, we evaluate every animal prior to becoming available for adoption in order to match them with compatible households. This is why you must be completely honest when filing out an adoption application, as to if you have children, other pets, and other vital details that will be asked of you.

We ask that you come down to our shelter between the animal visiting hours of 10:00Am - 2:30PM Monday through Saturday to spend some time with the dog or cat that interests you and your family. We do take travel holds if you live out of town with a non-refundable credit card hold deposit, and for more information regarding this, please call our office between 9:00AM - 3:00PM Monday through Saturday.

You can download our adoption contract HERE. This will need to be filled out and APPROVED BY OUR STAFF before you can adopt an animal from our shelter. If you rent your home, your landlord will have to provide a letter stating that you can have animals at your residence. Also, all of our animals MUST be spayed or neutered before they leave our facility, unless they are under 6 months of age. Please call or stop by and ask questions regarding spaying/neutering our animals and the program we have available.

A knowledgeable person from our staff will answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a short counseling session as to the care of your new cat or dog before you can take him or her home. At the time of adoption, you will receive a complementary veterinary examination certificate to use at your veternarian of choice.

Our goal is to ensure a safe and happy adoption for both the animal and the owner.

NOTE: Before becoming available for adoption, all dogs and cats arriving at the shelter from Animal Control are tested, vaccinated and spayed or neutered to insure healthy animals.



Thank you for your support